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Terms of service

Terms of service


Conditions of sale regarding internet sales contracts for “Negri Foundation” publications.

Article 1: THE PARTIES.The Seller:
The Negri Foundation, at Via Calatafimi N°7-25122 BRESCIA, ITALY. Telephone and fax number (39) 03042020. VAT N° 03245110170.

The Buyer:
(A company, a trader or a private citizen) is identified electronically during the registration of the sales contract.

Article 2: DESCRIPTION OF THE SERVICE AVAILABLE; THE ACCEPTANCE OF CONDITIONS OF SALE AND THE MEANS OF COMMUNICATIONBy examining the various pages of this web site the Buyer is able to discover the complete range of products currently on sale by the Seller, (Negri Foundation publications.) The Buyer chooses the titles and furnishes his or her personal details during the “checkout” phase of this communication. In order to complete the process of acquisition it is absolutely necessary that the Buyer should specifically accept both the conditions of sale and the Seller’s declaration of intent to respect the privacy of the Buyer’s personal information data, (see article 7.)

Unless indications are specified in writing to the contrary all prices are quoted inclusive of VAT and expressed in Euros.

The Buyer also accepts that communications with the Seller concerning the delivery and receipt of goods take the form of e-mails (electronic post) on the web.

Article 3: PAYMENTS.A service is available, but only for those customers resident in Italy, called contrassegno, whereby cash payment is accepted at the moment of delivery.
Otherwise there remains a choice of payment means, by credit card through the safe VirtualPay system, run by the Co-operative Credit Bank of Brescia, or through a normal banker’s draft.

More details of these services are given on the pages: “How to buy” and “Payment methods”.

Article 4: DELIVERY.The Negri Foundation sends goods through the regular postal system but also by selected private express courier services.

The goods travel “porto franco” with the delivery and insurance costs paid by the Buyer.
The costs of these services are specified during the establishment of the contract and these appear both on the order form and on the sales invoice.

Article 5: THE RETURN OF GOODS.The Buyer has the right to return the goods within (but not after) ten working days of their receipt.

The right to return goods within the period already stated is dependant also on the immediate envoy by the regular postal system of a Registered Letter, (with requirement for a signature of receipt,) addressed to the Negri Foundation at Via Calatafimi 7, 25122 BRESCIA, ITALY, stating the Buyers intention of returning the goods with the description of the same while identifying and renouncing the contract entered into.

Bank details or a PayPal identification should be supplied if reimbursement is called for.

The Buyer is required to return the goods to the Negri Foundation as promptly as possible, once they have been properly packed to avoid damage in transit.
The Buyer is responsible for the transport and insurance costs of returning the goods.
Damaged goods will not be received and the cost of their return will be invoiced.
Once the Negri Foundation has received returned goods in good condition it will reimburse the same as promptly as possible.

The Negri Foundation is concerned to give customers the maximum satisfaction. If ever a problem arises, the Buyer is invited to contact the Negri Foundation, either by e-mail or on the telephone at (39) 030 42020, and an immediate effort will be made to resolve difficulties.

Article 6: GUARANTEES.The Buyer assumes all legal and financial responsibility for the truthfulness and accuracy of the identity data supplied during the checkout process.

In the course of the checkout a Buyer is given a “customer code” that enables instant identification, to be used for ordering purposes for this and future transactions.

The code is to be kept in a secure place and the Buyer promises to notify the Negri Foundation immediately in case of loss of a customer code, stolen or otherwise unavailable.

The Buyer is asked to supply a valid e-mail address for order confirmation and other communications but the Seller will not deliver goods if the data supplied by a Buyer includes an address that appears to be wrong or non-existent.

The Seller will never be held responsible for costs to third parties or others for damages, direct or indirect, loss of earnings or other costs incurred by the late or non delivery of goods ordered or the failure to carry out the terms of the contract for reasons beyond the Seller’s control. A Buyer in one of these cases will only be reimbursed the value of the goods ordered.

Article 7: LEGAL LIMITATIONS ON THE STORAGE OF PERSONAL DATA.The utilisation of services offered on this web site involves the specific acceptation of the legal limitations on the uses of personal data controlled by the legislation on privacy currently in force.

The personal data in question is that given by those who complete an order form on this site and it is only kept on the Negri Foundation server the time that is strictly necessary.
The information is used exclusively when supplying the services ordered in the contracts on hand. Italian Law N° 196 of the 30th of June, 2003, requires us to tell you that the person responsible for handling this data is Mauro Negri. A customer who wants to modify or cancel his personal data on our files can do so at any time using the “contact” module.

The data and information furnished to the Negri Foundation server is treated with the upmost professional confidence and in no circumstances whatsoever is it released to third parties.

Article 8: CURRENT LEGAL STANDARDS.The subjects or conditions not mentioned in the current Contract are nevertheless those covered by the Laws of Italy currently in force.

Article 9: THE COMPETENT LEGAL FORUM.The only Forum legally competent to settle disputes concerning the contract and its use is the Forum (legal Ombudsman) of Brescia, Italy.