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How to buy

How to buy

The books published by the Negri Foundation can be bought on-line using this web site following a relatively simple procedure. Buyers may choose books from the list of titles.

Each available book title is described in an individual detail card which states the number of pages and photographs, shows the book cover, gives a description of the contents with a selection of its illustrations and the price of the book with a link that allows a Buyer to load it into his or her virtual shopping basket.

Having made a choice of acquisitions the Buyer is referred to his or her shopping list which enables variations to be made, perhaps eliminating a book title which has been unwittingly loaded twice. The complete acquisition list can be checked as can the total price to pay including delivery charges.

Having studied the complete shopping list the Buyer is free to make changes or to pass on to the registration, “checkout” stage of the ordering process where the choice of payment method is also established.

During the checkout phase the Buyer is asked to furnish:

  • Name: surname and Christian names plus title or rank where desired or applicable.
  • Communication means, an e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers if available.
  • The address to which the goods are to be sent.(The Buyer is able to specify a delivery address for the goods which is different from that of his home address.)
  • Particular instructions of the Buyer.
  • The chosen method of payment.
  • Acceptation of the declaration concerning privacy in the handling of personal data.

Once the Buyer has completed the checkout data list he or she is invited to check once more his or her personal data and the list of books ordered, after which it is necessary to click on the confirmation button to continue the book ordering process.

At this point the order registration process varies slightly according to which method of payment has been chosen:

  • In the cases of a bank draft or a contrassegno delivery the acquisition process is already complete. The Buyer now sees a page showing the confirmation and details of the order just completed with its number and code, as well as the Buyer’s customer code. The acquisition procedure now entails the sending of this page by e-mail to the address specified by the Buyer.
  • In the case of payment by “Virtual Pay” or “PayPal” the Buyer is directed to the relevant web sites, which are independent of the Negri Foundation site.
    If one of these organisations accepts payment of the transaction the Negri Foundation is contacted directly server to server and the Buyer then receives a copy of the order confirmation page by e-mail with its number and customer codes. This payment system may prolong the transaction process slightly when compared to those previously mentioned. If, for some reason the “Virtual Pay” or “PayPal” confirmation does not arrive the Negri Foundation is clearly unable to deliver the goods.